Session I (9:00 – 10:00)

  1. ACT Update – Fall Educator’s Workshop Series (Repeated in Session II)
  2. Heroin and Opiod Addiction
  3. State University of New York 2017-18 Update (Repeated in Session IV)
  4. The Role and Function of the Counselor in a Psychiatric Crisis
  5. Maximizing Opportunities for Latino & Other Historically Underrepresented Students
  6. Understanding How to Support & Guide Our Students, Administration, & School Community Through the Grief Processs
  7. School Counseling Interventions for the Student with Bipolar Disorder
  8. Update Your Info: The Army is Both a Career Path and a Powerful Educational Resource
  9. Unpacking the New NYSED School Counseling Regulations
  10. Using Music to Support Student Academic, Personal-Social and Career Development
  11. Will You Have Enough Money to Retire - Workshop (Repeated Session V)

Session II (10:05 – 11:05)

  1. ACT Update – Fall Educator’s Workshop Series
  2. Financially Ready for College
  3. Leading the Charge: Meet the Next Generation of School Counselors
  4. Cartoons for Conflict: A Method for Conflict Resolution and Difficult Dialogues to Use and Teach
  5. Teaching Strategies & Tools to Help Students with ADD/ADHD to Maximize Their Learning at Home, at School, and Extracurricular and Social Settings
  6. A SUNY Perspective: The "What" and "How" of Recommendation Letters and Essays
  7. Anti-Semitism: The School Counselor's Role in Prevention and Intervention
  8. Choosing Love: Social Emotional Learning
  9. Enhancing Socioemotional Competence in Schools
  10. Cognitive-Behavioral Treatmen of School Refusal & School-Related Anxiety
  11. Will or Do You have Enough Money to Retire? Cracker Barrel Session (Repeated in Session IV)

Session III (11:05 – 12:05)


Session IV (12:10 – 1:10)

  1. College Board 2017 Counselor Update (Extended Session 12:10 - 2:10)
  2. Creating an Inclusive Environment for Transgender and LGBTQ Students
  3. SUNY 2017-2018 Update
  4. The Forever Changing World of Financial Aid, Both on a Federal & State Level - Update 2017-2018
  5. Eating Disorders 101: The Role of Schools in Prevention, Treatment & Recovery
  6. Current Legal Issues Affecting School Counselors
  7. Game Time - Presenting the College Process Using Classic Game Shows
  8. Supporting Your Own Magnificence: Self-Care Prevent Burnout
  9. Will or Do You Have Enough Money To Retire? Cracker Barrel Session
  10. The Internship & the First School Counselor Job: Surviving and Thriving (Extended Session 12:10 - 2:10)
  11. Thirteen Reasons Why: Adolescent Suicide as Portrayed in Popular Entertainment

Session V (1:15- 2:15)

  1. Changes to School Counseling Regulations in NYS: An Examination of the Amended School Counselor Regulations from Preparation to Practice
  2. From Social Media to Cyber-Bullying: Children's Online Lives the Dangers They Encounter
  3. **Cancelled**
  4. The Keys to Teen Success: Increasing Grit, Self-Control, and Positive Mindset
  5. Searching to Play in the NCAA: College Admissions and the Student-Athlete
  6. Historically Black Colleges and Universities - A Viable Option
  7. The Forever Changing World of Financial Aid…Both on a Federal and State Level-Update 2017-2018 (Sponsored by Dominican College)
  8. School Resources from the National Guard
  9. Will You Have Enough Money to Retire - Workshop